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Thread: Configure the SMTP server in Windows XP

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    Configure the SMTP server in Windows XP

    Hello all,

    I would like help from you to properly configure my SMTP server.

    As written in title its window xp and i have updated to Service pack 2 recetly. I don't know anything about setup a SMTP server , please give me basic and procedure to perform it.

    thank you.

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    Re: Configure the SMTP server in Windows XP


    Which windows xp? is it xp home or windows xp professional?

    To determine if the SMTP server is installed, simply visit the "Internet Services" in Windows XP by selecting "Start / Settings / Control Panel / Add-Remove Programs / Add or Remove Windows Components".

    Click "Internet Service (IIS).

    In the new window, the box checked "SMTP Service" indicates whether the SMTP server is installed.

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    Re: Configure the SMTP server in Windows XP

    If IIS is not installed, do so, otherwise go directly to the next step

    Installation of IIS

    "Control Panel" Add / Remove Programs " "Add or Remove Windows Components"

    In "Wizard Windows Components, IIS appears under the name
    "Internet Information Services (IIS)"

    Once the selected component, the shaded box indicates that all functions are not taken into account by default. Click on "Internet Information Services (IIS)" to add the IIS component. Then look at the "Details" of the installation. You can keep the standard options for installing the SMTP Service

    • Confirm with "OK" and "next". The wizard configures the components.
    • Click "Finish" to complete the installation.
    • Close the module as program

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    Re: Configure the SMTP server in Windows XP

    Terminal SMTP server

    The various management functions in Windows SMTP server XP are available from "Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services Internet Information Server (IIS) "and then to" Start, Run, and type in the field inetmgr

    To stop the SMTP server, simply select "SMTP Virtual Server" and then make a right click and choose "Stop". The SMTP server is then inoperative.

    You can also configure the server so that it prohibits the relay messages.
    To do this, select "SMTP Virtual Server", make a right click and select "Properties".
    The "Properties of SMTP Virtual Server default "opens.
    Select the tab "Access" then click "Relay ..."

    In Window "Restriction Relay", you can indicate the list of computers accessing the server. For this it is necessary that the box "Only the list below "is checked. Then click" Add ".

    The window "Computer" opens that allows you to indicate the list of computers to access the server. If one computer has access to the server, check "Single computer" and enter the IP address of this machine in the "IP Address". If you do not know the address IP of your PC, you can knowing in doing so. Click "Start Run, typing cmd and then press the Enter key and the window that opens, type ipconfig and again, press Enter.

    You should see something like this:

    Windows IP Configuration
    Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

    Specific DNS Suffix for connection:
    IP Address. . . . . . . . .. . . :
    Mask of subnet. . .. . . :
    Default Gateway. . .. . . :

    If multiple computers are accessing the server, it is necessary tick the box "Computer Group" and then enter an address subnet mask and subnet.

    In both cases, click "OK" to validate these indications.

    The Window "Restriction Relay" now indicates computers with a right of access to the server. Click "OK" to confirm the SMTP server configuration.

    You can now check proper restriction of access to the server and its proper functioning.

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    Re: Configure the SMTP server in Windows XP

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