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Thread: Manage file sharing in windows 7

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    Manage file sharing in windows 7

    How to enable god mode in windows 7 and how to manage file sharing in windows 7. what are the benefits of the same. The other thing I am a getting stuck is the sharing publication on facebook. I had not done but want to enable that. Second thing my system has virus in it so I want to create a disk repair system in windows 7 what is the best way to do that. When I run a other software the uac blocked it. I think that software may be malicious. What options does window 7 give in dual monitor setup.

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    Re: Manage file sharing in windows 7

    After generating a folder on the Windows desktop, for example, easily modify its name to it: "Godmode. ED7BA470 (-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C). The folder icon then changes and access a control panel very detailed as a list of settings by category. This trick works with operating systems Windows Vista SP2, Windows Server 2008 SP2 and Windows 7. Note however that it may cause a crash in the Windows Vista in its 64-bit version.

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    Re: Manage file sharing in windows 7

    When posting a link to a photograph or a text message on your Facebook wall, it is possible that you do not want to share information with all your contacts. You can take the example of a photo of a little watered evening that should not land on the wall of a pro contact. For those who choose or not have access to information, just to clarify before publication. For this, you must go through the menu of the lock below the input field from which you can choose to share with everyone, friends and their friends, friends only or in a personalized way. Sharing personal example will share information with all friends except some (it will come one by one or list) or just some friends (ditto), but also set the sharing option selected as default choice.

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    Re: Manage file sharing in windows 7

    Most users of OS Windows Vista agree on the side rather invasive User Account Control, also known as UAC with alerts every turn. With his successor Windows 7, the Redmond company had promised a better that way. And it's done with a user who can now set the level of supervision by choosing all the alerts, some alerts or no warning. To set this level of monitoring, open the Start menu using the Windows key, enter the query Accounts in the field of real-time search results and select the Change settings control user account . In the new window, it only remains to choose to keep the level 3 by default (Setup program), moving to level 4 to maximize alerts (installing software and changing settings in Windows) or option for level 1 to disable all alerts.

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    Re: Manage file sharing in windows 7

    The operating system Windows 7 characteristics a handy tool to generate a disc repair system. With this CD / DVD to assist out in holder of malfunction due to a holder, the user has a tool kit to renovate the system or recuperate important data if a complete reinstallation of the computer is required. To use it, it's very easy. You have to open the Start menu using the Windows key, type the word generate in the field of real-time search results and select the Generate a system restore disk. Hence, it remains only to select the drive via the drop down menu to insert a blank CD or DVD and begin the process of creation.

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    Re: Manage file sharing in windows 7

    This tip is particularly aimed at people who use their computers in the conference with a main display on the computer screen and a secondary
    display on the projection screen in the room. With the dual-screen management greatly simplified in Windows 7, need indeed to navigate the display settings. It suffices now to use the key combination [Windows + P] to access a small menu to indicate the click of a mouse that is desired or wanted.

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