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Thread: BAT/Lnkget.Y Trojan Downloader hangs the Anti-virus Scan

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    BAT/Lnkget.Y Trojan Downloader hangs the Anti-virus Scan

    My computer is behaving very unusually since it has been attacked by the BAT/Lnkget.Y Trojan Downloader. I am using Norton anti virus which detected this Trojan. But when I selected to delete the Trojan the Norton anti virus program hangs. I even ran a system scan which would also hang once the BAT/Lnkget.Y Trojan Downloader was detected. Also my computer boots very slowly and internet connectivity is lost very frequently.

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    Run a Scan in Safe Mode

    The trojan which is being detected by Norton might be using the services of a third party application which restricts Norton from removing the trojan. Thus you will have to disable the third party application that serves the trojan. For this you will have to re-boot your computer and boot in Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key while the computer prepares booting. The Safe Mode booting will disallow any third party software. Thus you can Run a Scan in Safe Mode to remove the trojan.

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    Trojan: BAT/Lnkget.Y

    The Trojan BAT/Lnkget.Y is a malicious program that mimics itself as a shortcut of Windows application to execute itself. The Trojan is also responsible to allow a remote attacker to access to the infected host. Thus the data on infected host can also be accessed by a remote attacker. It also downloads malware files and other viruses on being executed.

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    BAT/Lnkget.Y Trojan Downloader attack strategy

    The detected threat BAT/Lnkget.Y is a very critical security threat. This threat makes its way to the user's machine through an attachment in an email. Thus to avoid the infection from this threat or any other network threats the user should never download or open any attachments which are sent from unknown email ids or any spam mails. The worm that delivers such threat might be detected and deleted bu the trojan or virus contained in it might make an entry in the Windows Registry to gain access to user's machine.

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    Backup Using Linux Distribution in Pen Drive

    If you want to get the back up of your files you can use the Linux Distribution to boot from an USB drive preferably a Pen Drive. Load a Linux Distribution Operating system in a Pen drive. And pug the Pen drive in any USB Port of the computer. Restart the computer and go to the BIOS screen. From here select to Boot from USB Drive. This will by-pass your Windows Operating System. Thus you can take a backup of your files.

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    Restore Windows from a Restore Point

    To get the stability of Windows and secure user machine the Windows Operating system comes up with an built-in application called the Windows System Restore. This applications maintains a track of the safe points- instances where the computer was stable. Thus if you want to get the safe settings back you can use this application to select a Safe Restore point. This will roll back all your settings till the select restore point.

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