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Thread: Help to delete Trojan-Spy.Zbot!sd6

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    Help to delete Trojan-Spy.Zbot!sd6

    I am using Windows Vista operating system and my browser is Opera 10. I need some help to delete Trojan-Spy.Zbot!sd6. This infection keeps entering my system whenever I am surfing the internet. The Kaspersky antivirus that I have installed in my system is not able to delete this infection even it is able to alert about the same. Kindly help me with some solution to this problem.

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    The manual deletion

    I suggest you to try the manual deletion to delete Trojan-Spy.Zbot!sd6. You will have to search for the following files on your system and delete the same after killing their processes from the task manager:
    • %ProgramFiles%\cmvideoplugin\setup.exe
    • %ProgramFiles%\microsoft common\svchost.exe
    • %Temp%\adv.exe
    • %Temp%\file.exe
    • %Temp%\kafan virlist 2009.03.08\090308-9-2.exe

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    Trojan-Spy.Zbot!sd6 is a trojan

    From the name itself, you can come to know that Trojan-Spy.Zbot!sd6 is a trojan. The manual deletions of trojans are not that simple. This is so because the trojan seem to be legible programs from outside and internally work as a malicious code. I suggest you to format the system and install a new copy of Windows and this will surely delete Trojan-Spy.Zbot!sd6 from the system.

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    Kaspersky is not a good antivirus

    I dont think that Kaspersky is not a good antivirus. I suggest you to use a good antivirus like AVG since, it is an antivirus that has been suggested by the experts for the removal of infections like virus, worms and trojans. After installing the antivirus, run a full system scan of the entire system, including all the hard drives as well as the flash drives and remove all the unhealed infections detected during the scan.

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    Use Spyware Doctor

    Inorder to delete Trojan-Spy.Zbot!sd6, I advice you to use Spyware Doctor. This is an anti-malware and it is different from the normal antivirus, since they have the capability of staying in the background and checking for the malicious activities that are going on within the system. When it finds the applications and programs causing such malicious activities, they are simply removed from the system.

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    Boot scan removes all sorts of infections

    I can assure you that boot scan removes all sorts of infections and this same technique can be used to delete Trojan-Spy.Zbot!sd6. All the antivirus do not have this feature enabled with them. So, you will have to install Avast antivirus for this purpose. When you enable the boot scan, the system will be restarted and the infections will be removed automatically from the system. Also, the corrupted files will be repaired by the antivirus.

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