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Thread: Test DSL connection

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    Test DSL connection


    I have a DSL connection and, i always face problems to connection internet, i reported that to ISP and they asking me to send a test report of it. They tried to explain me on phone how to test but i couldn't understand them. Please tell me the way to test my DSL connection properly. I'm waiting for your response.

    Thanking you

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    Re: Test DSL connection

    There are many sites onine available by which you can perform a spped test of your connection. Like is one of the good one. I don't know perfectly about DLS connection but i used to test my broadband connection over . Hope you'll find it useful.

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    Re: Test DSL connection

    Do one thing, open up you command prompt and run ping command to any site like "ping -t" , -t parameter is essential for continues ping and after getting 100 to 300 pings copy that ping status and paste it in notepad file and send it you ISP, they will analyze ping report and will tell you issue with you connection.

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    Re: Test DSL connection

    Can you tell us what is the speed of you dsl connection? or how much speed you are getting? There are always useful to test your connection and bandwidth at its connection for several reason eg to watch a streaming movie for download via the mule or for other reasons. lets you know the status of your speed so your connection so simple and unusual. But to know exactly the status of your bandwidth, you should try to do several tests on different test sites in order to get an accurate result.

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    Re: Test DSL connection

    The online test and rapid Arias site that lets you know in a few seconds your speed up and down. For Ping statistics, it should see the packets sent 4, and The packages received 4 if your connection is running. If your connection is not up and running, instead of having packets sent 4 answers, you will see Request timed out. You'll also see packets sent 4 ,The packages received 0" and lost packets 4. This means that you lose data packets, and connects to the Internet.

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    Re: Test DSL connection

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