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Thread: Help to remove Exploit.Baofeng.A.

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    Help to remove Exploit.Baofeng.A.

    Help! I am trying to remove Exploit.Baofeng.A from my computer but it is not happening. I have installed windows xp on my computer which has been attacked by Exploit.Baofeng.A. My anti virus software got failed to delete this virus but then how it has successfully detected this virus? Anyway i just want some help to remove Exploit.Baofeng.A from my computer.

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    What is Exploit.Baofeng.A.

    Actually Exploit.Baofeng.A is a generic detection for web scripts which targets to the buffer overflow vulnerability in BaoFeng which is much popular media player in China. Some versions of this media player installs an ActiveX media player plugin which would be containing a vulnerability. This can be easily exploited via the web browser. If you are using this media player then i would like suggest you to first of all uninstall BaoFeng.

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    Exploit.Baofeng.A can further install other malware.

    Exploit.Baofeng.A is the malware which is basically created from the specific version of the famous media player BaoFeng. This media player installs active x media player plug in which could be infected by the malicious data. Once your computer got infected by the same then it can also install some other malicious data on your computer. You may uninstall the whole version of this media player or deal with this virus with some anti virus software.

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    Do not download pirated software.

    When you use pirated softwares on your computer then those software may harm your computer by any means. Exploit.Baofeng.A can be considered as one of them as it installs the Active X which is not actually a safe plug in for the BaoFeng media player. These kind of free copies of software will always be containing some other data except from the real content which sometime harms your computer.

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    Install Norton to remove Exploit.Baofeng.A.

    Norton Anti Virus is the software for removing any malicious data from the infected computer. This software is the mostly used by the XP users. I think you should also download this software from the given link which takes you directly to the instant download for the Norton Security. I would suggest you to first uninstall the BaoFeng Player from your computer and then scan your computer with Norton.

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    What Exploit.Baofeng.A. does.

    Basically Exploit.Baofeng.A is based on a vulnerability that affects the "rawParse" method that is mps.dll of the BaoFeng Storm ActiveX control. By using this exploit, Any harmful script can be executed in the context of the current process which would be downloading or running any malicious files in your computer system.

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