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Thread: Quad Registry Cleaner scam?

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    Quad Registry Cleaner scam?

    My computer is down, I received a message from windows saying that the system recovered from serious issue, then I was asked to download a software "quad registry cleaner, which has actually account for all failures my system, except that I needed to buy the correct software 30 and a few euros. What I do, the invoice I received an email is 79 euros and the key to allowing me to use the product is incomplete, I thought that since the system was Windows XP which I proposed this solution, it was reliable, well not this is a scam, Thank you to spread this message possible

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    Re: Quad Registry Cleaner scam?

    Such software can be extremely dangerous to use because it is so easy to delete all the program tells you to delete, and much more difficult to get your system working properly again. Yes, it endorses the register, but this does not necessarily mean that it will work the same way.

    You can do much to speed up your own system using Windows Disk Cleanup to get rid of old programs that do not work too much, limiting the number of startup programs (if you do not immediately need it need not be in the boot), and regular defragmentation of your drive.

    I want to save your money. There is a free utility that will help clean, CCleaner that many of us use. As always, it is necessary to ensure its use.

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    Re: Quad Registry Cleaner scam?

    Do not pay for things that appear suddenly without that you did not ask.

    For payment, send them on empty emails ...Try to remove it with CCleaner, it's free and reliable.

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    Re: Quad Registry Cleaner scam?


    I have a new PC, finally, a month ago. But the day when I downloaded this thing here: stated "FREE", the PC had two or three days and like you, was because the window advised. I am a free analysis, my pc was ready to slam ! I was offered, so the trick to $45, but since the fraudulent results of the analysis, I gave up. Every day, I had a trickle-mail to purchase the$ 45, I finally fall into spam! Your pc is probably not as many problems they would like you to believe.

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    Re: Quad Registry Cleaner scam?

    Good evening,

    "Quad registry cleaner" is a scam, beware - it is sometimes very difficult to see that a message is a fake.

    To avoid these "traps": When you receive such a message, you open (new search) research on the software (often "software name" + "scam" you enough to learn).

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    Re: Quad Registry Cleaner scam?

    There are thousands of software of its kind on the web. It is a rogue, ie a program that invents a problem and pretends to solve the final problem to take your PC "hostage". Finally, namely, Windows does not advise you to download software that does not belong to Microsoft. If your PC you "advised" this software is that is was already infected, or you have been fooled by an Internet ad.

    A rule of thumb is that you should never believe what you said to your computer, especially when it comes to pay.

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