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Thread: Solution to get rid of Trj/CI.A

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    Solution to get rid of Trj/CI.A

    I am using Windows Vista operating system and my browser is Mozilla Firefox. The Kaspersky antivirus that I am using in my system alerted me about the entry of Trj/CI.A into the system. Even if the antivirus has helped me to detect the infection, it has not been able to remove the same. So, I need a solution to get rid of Trj/CI.A. Kindly help me with suitable replies as soon as possible.

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    Kaspersky is not a good antivirus

    Kaspersky is not a good antivirus and I can assure you this since I was using the same a long time back. I always got irritated with its behavior in my system. So, I suggest you to uninstall it from the system immediately. Currently, I am using AVG antivirus, as many experts have recommended that it is the best antivirus to remove the infections like trojans, worms and virus. Install the same as a solution to get rid of Trj/CI.A. After installation, run a full system scan and delete all the unhealed infections found during the scan.
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    Trj/CI.A is very destructive

    Trj/CI.A is very destructive, since it can carry out the malicious activities like screenlogging, stealing personal data, etc. So, the solution to get rid of Trj/CI.A is to use the manual deletion. First, check for the file called SoftCop.exe and setup[1].exe in your system. When Trj/CI.A enters in the system, it installs in the form of the above 2 application names. When you get them in your search results, first go to the task manager and then kill the processes of these 2 files. Then, go to their original location of the search results and delete them permanently from the system.

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    Format the system

    I dont think that the manual deletion of the infection is that simple because Trj/CI.A is a trojan. They seem to genuine programs from outside and internally work for a destructive purpose. I guess that you will have to format the system as a solution to get rid of Trj/CI.A. After you have done the formatting, install a fresh copy of Windows and this will surely solve your problem.

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    Use an anti-spyware

    I advice you to use an anti-spyware like Spyware Doctor for the solution to get rid of Trj/CI.A. These are different from the normal security components, since they have the ability to stay in the background and check for the malicious activities going on within the system. As soon as it finds the applications and programs causing such problems in the system, they simply eradicate those particular applications and programs from the system.

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    The boot scan method

    The boot scan method is the best solution to get rid of Trj/CI.A. This is because this scan takes place before the startup of the operating system. So, the infections are not able to execute at this time and as a result they remain inactive. All antivirus do not provide this feature and hence, I suggest you to use Quick Heal antivirus, that comes along with this boot scanning feature.

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