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Thread: How to work Devicescape with Wifi device

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    How to work Devicescape with Wifi device

    Hi all,

    I heard a application that Connect all WiFi Devices to any WiFi Hotspot that is Devicescape. But i want to know how it is work. Is any security configuration for this? Is it secure and liable ? Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

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    How to work Devicescape with Wifi device

    Devicescape is a sole application that automatically connects your wireless devices to any Wi-Fi hotspot or network you or your friends have access to. It is not an application to access WiFi networks that youíre not permissible to access. Itís just a service or tool that builds it extremely simple to obtain onto any of the networks that you general use. Most highly, it allows you to access your WiFi Hotspots from any WiFi-enabled device without the require to contract with complicated wireless settings, passwords, and extended security codes.

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    How to work Devicescape with Wifi device

    There are so many features of Devicescape, you can choose from nearly free and municipal Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide. look through Hotspots by provider or geographical area. You can add and run your own Wi-Fi networks and the devices that can access it. You can get automatically connected every time youíre close to one of your hotspots. Securely share your home WiFi network with friends and family. Check out and reply.

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    How to work Devicescape with Wifi device

    Devicescape is totally free. You can join for free, you can download Devicescape software for free and you can way in any free Wi-Fi networks for free. You can use your obtainable hotspot subscriptions with Devicescape without any additional charge. make a note of that commercial hotspots charge access fees, though, there are no extra costs to use those networks with Devicescape.

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    Re: How to work Devicescape with Wifi device

    It is quite secure. All your personal information is uphold in encrypted format on servers situated in secure hosting centers. All transportation between your device and our servers is strongly encrypted. And, simple Wi-Fi will only connect your device to Wi-Fi hotspots that are established to be who they say they are - this means you won't accidentally get linked to phony hotspots set-up to take your passwords and other sensitive information. So donít bother use this. All the best.

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    How to work Devicescape with Wifi device

    The following type of devices support with Devicescape application.
    # Windows XP and Windows Vista PCs
    # Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices
    # Apple Mac OS X PCs
    # Linksys WIP300 Wireless-G IP Phone
    # Windows Mobile Smartphones and PDAs with Wi-Fi
    # Nokia ESeries and NSeries phones with Wi-Fi
    # Slacker Media Players
    # Nokia N810, N800 and N770 Internet Tablets

    Best of luck.

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