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Thread: how to increased usb modem speed

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    how to increased usb modem speed

    i am using usb modem for some internet issue,but since few days my usb modem has not given me well speed whichever i want,is there any solution of that query.Can i use Throttle for increasing my speed, I m using window xp in my system,so please tell me what is Throttle

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    Re: how to increased usb modem speed

    You can increase the speed of your usb modem as internet connection.You just want to download any rocket like Throttle . Trottle is a tool which can allows to modify the setting of internet where it grow the speed performance up to 200% or higher.There is no need of any modification of hardware system.if you have installed the window xp then it is great because it operate only some selected operating system like xp,2000 or window NT.

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    Re: how to increased usb modem speed

    Modem is work like transformer in data communication.The main goal of modem which is produce a signal that can be transmitted easily.
    usb modem is work like internet modem so you can also use any rocket like trottle, NetScream,Modem Booster 2.6.Modem are generally classified what type of data & quantity of data they can send in a given time.

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    Re: how to increased usb modem speed

    You can update your internet service. Get DSL or Cable broadband, but is there problem in computer system means there are some virus problem,then you can install any anti virus in system.For the usb modem speed profile, take any type of tool which will give you a better speed than past performance tool like NetScream,Modem Booster 2.6 .They are use in window xp also.

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    Re: how to increased usb modem speed

    You can get the internet connection & increase the modem speed with web rocket internet optimizer because of that facility you don't need buy any new modem.There are so many web rockets available in market.They are running in window 95,98NT,2000,xp.You can get more speed without buying any hardware system.It work with all browser , explorer ,Netscape.It work with all connection like cable modem,all phone modem,DSL.

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