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Thread: Want to get rid of Trojan.FakeAlert.BRG.

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    Want to get rid of Trojan.FakeAlert.BRG.

    Hi guys, recently i have scanned my computer by using online scanning and i have found one trojan in my system named as Trojan.FakeAlert.BRG. I do not have a anti spyware to delete this trojan and it is prompting me again and again to install anti virus which i know is not going to be good version of anti virus. Is there any other way to get rid of Trojan.FakeAlert.BRG ?

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    Trojan.FakeAlert.BRG is a trojan which comes to your computer by internet or it may come with the file from the pen drive. Because of this trojan your system would be getting the warning as Security Tool Installed successfully! And you are right that it would be taking you to the website from where this anti virus can be downloaded which in turn may contains some other trojans.

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    Use boot scan of quick heal antivirus to remove Trojan.FakeAlert.BRG.

    I would be suggesting you to download the quick heal antivirus which is better software to delete the trojans presented on your system. Quick Heal Antivirus provide one feature called as Boot Scan which scans your computer at the time of booting an operating system. You should use this feature as your system would be containing some other threats also.

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    Download Norton to delete Trojan.FakeAlert.BRG

    I have one cool anti virus system which is mostly used by the every 10th computer user. Norton is the better spyware to deal with the any worms in your computer. It is just because Norton has wide database about the viruses. Every viruses comes to the computer world are being updated by the norton security system. To download the Norton Security System you can click on its name.

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    What Trojan.FakeAlert.BRG will do.

    once your computer has been infected by the Trojan.FakeAlert.BRG then it will move itself to the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\xxxxxxxx\xxxxxxxx.exe where xxxxxxxx is indicating the 8 letter name of numerical digits. Then it will move forward by adding its entry to the registry, in key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run with the same digit name.

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    Trojan.FakeAlert.BRG symptoms.

    Even i have faced the same problem but after deleting the Trojan.FakeAlert.BRG i have found that it was the reason behind the following warnings.
    1. I got the warning about completion of anti virus installation.
    2. when i clicked on the OK button then the main windows appeared of spyware.
    3. After i have done scanning, warning window is displayed.
    4. When i tried to remove the detected viruses then i came to know that it was all fake and happening to me so that i would buy a license for it.
    Actually my computer was not infected by the viruses which are shown by this fake scanning.

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