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Thread: loss of wireless network

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    loss of wireless network

    can some one give me some advice. I have been connecting to my sister-in-laws wireless connection(with her permission of cause) as she only lives over the road from me and i have only just brought this computer for my 13 year old son to do his home work on. Anyway the problem is that i cant pick up her connection anymore when i search for it, i can pick up other wireless networks just not hers. She has everything running as it has been for weeks i dont know if my son has turned something off i have looked but cant see anything. Can someone help, im not very good with computers so as much detail as possible please. thanks. yes the bluetooth is on.

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    Re: loss of wireless network

    First of all, scan your computer for viruses. Some viruses can interrupt the network connection. Might be your sister-in-law has disabled the wireless connection. And also check whether you are in the range because shifting of pc or router may effect your wireless connection. To troubleshoot your wireless connection, see this threads :

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