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Thread: Configure a static IP address in Windows Vista

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    Configure a static IP address in Windows Vista

    I want to setup fixed IP address for my computer for example to use certain applications where i have to redirect ports. In this case the fixed IP address becomes necessary to indicate to what address the ports should be redirected.Any thoughts?

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    Re: Configure a static IP address in Windows Vista

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    Re: Configure a static IP address in Windows Vista

    By manually entering an IP address, subnet mask, network and other TCP / IP details in a ip dialog, you can manually configure a Windows PC so that its address is still the same, means a static ip. This method takes more time and can cause many problems in configuration, but it allows a high degree of control over network addresses.

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    Re: Configure a static IP address in Windows Vista

    Follow this steps:

    1. To get started click "Start" Click "Control Panel"
    2. The Control Panel opens, now click "Network and Internet"
    3. Then click "Network and Sharing Center"
    4. In the menu that is on the left click "Manage network connections" :
    5. A new window appears, and you must double click on the desired connection (eg if you use the wifi or ethernet)
    6. A new window appears, click "Properties"
    7. The window on the properties of the connection appears thus Select "Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)"Which is the protocol most commonly used and click Properties".
    8. Check "Use the following IP address"And find the desired parameters.
    9. The IP address matches the address you want assigned to your computer, it depends on the configuration of your router, and if the address is it will give an address like 192.168.0.x ( replacing x with the value you want).
    10. For more and simplify your task if you are a beginner in the network, launch a console back. To do this click on "Start" => "All Programs" => "Accessories"=> Click right mouse button on"Prompt"And click"Run as administrator".
    11. Now type this on your console "ipconfig/all"
    12. Locate your connection and you'll find as above the various settings for your connection that was supplied automatically (by DHCP). You can therefore resume as regards the subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS servers.
    13. Finally do not forget to click "OK"When it's done .

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    Re: Configure a static IP address in Windows Vista

    Write down following details format:

    • IP Address 18.x.y.z (where x,y, and z are numbers)
    • Subnet mask
    • Default gateway 18.x.0.1 (Where x matches the x in your IP address)
    • DNS (Domain Name Servers)

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