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Thread: How can I get rid of W32/Malware!Gemini?

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    How can I get rid of W32/Malware!Gemini?

    I scanned my system with the Avira antivirus, that I have installed in my system as I was getting undesirable actions going on within my system. Then, W32/Malware!Gemini was detected in during the scan. I tried to remove it from the antivirus interface, but is not performing any action, when I press the delete button. So, I need to know how can I get rid of W32/Malware!Gemini? Any solutions and suggestions are appreciated. I am using Windows Vista operating system and my browser is Opera 10.

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    Re: How can I get rid of W32/Malware!Gemini?

    I suggest you to enable a system restore to get rid of W32/Malware!Gemini. You must be aware that the doing system restore to a particular time removes all the applications and programs that are installed during the time. So, this is an assured method to get rid of the infections in the system. This is a very extreme method, but it is sure to remove the infections. Do not forget to get into the safe mode before doing the system restore.

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    Search for the file called svchasts.exe

    When W32/Malware!Gemini enters into the system, it installs with the name svchasts.exe. So, first search for the file called svchasts.exe on your system. Then, you will have to start the Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL. There, you will have to kill the process of svchasts.exe. Now, go to the search results and then, find the original location of this infection. Simply delete it permanently from the system to get rid of W32/Malware!Gemini.

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    Scan in safe mode

    To get rid of W32/Malware!Gemini, I suggest you to scan in safe mode with a well updated antivirus. The infections cannot execute in safe mode and hence they remain inactive. So, this is the best time to remove the infections from the system. I advice you to use AVG antivirus, since it is a recommended antivirus by the experts to remove all kinds of infections like virus, worms and trojans. From the scan results, just remove all the unhealed infections and your problems will be solved.

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    Boot scan the system

    Inorder to get rid of W32/Malware!Gemini, boot scan the system. Here is how you can do it:
    1. Uninstall any other antivirus previously installed in your system, since 2 antivirus can cause conflicts in the system.
    2. Now, install Quick Heal antivirus.
    3. Then, restart the computer.
    4. The boot scan will start automatically before the operating system loads and the infections, too will be removed automatically from the system.

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    Always keep an anti-malware installed in the system

    Always keep an anti-malware installed in the system to get rid of W32/Malware!Gemini and such other infections. W32/Malware!Gemini is a malware and the normal antivirus are not able to detect when they enter into the system, since they seem to be legitimate programs from outside, but internally working as a dangerous weapon to destroy the system. An anti-malware stays in the background and look out for such malicious contents in the system.

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