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Thread: Error : Could not find PPPoE server on Mac OS X

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    Error : Could not find PPPoE server on Mac OS X


    I have a iBook 14'', with mac OSX.10.5, Airport Extreme and TDSL. Connection cable internet connection shows ok in AirPort also connects, but no connection possible with a browser. There always comes the error message: Could not find a PPPoE server. AirPort can be addressed and the connected USB printer immediately worked. In the "Network" is set to DHCP. Latest software update performed, unfortunately without success. DSL modem, reboot, restart Airport without success.

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    Re: Error : Could not find PPPoE server on Mac OS X

    I've used a solution, I have never had any problems. If you want to set up your new Airport Station, or if it no longer works!, Or you will get the message that your computer can not connect via PPPOE protocol, then you should re-establish the Internet connection and create new connect, as you must enter your user name and password from your DSL provider, Select For TCP / IP, DHCP, PPPOE, then use enter to save the login information to the final password. Then check whether you can connect to the Internet via cable, if it works, then resetting the Airport Station and wait 2 minutes to open and establish a new Assistant Airport station, go without WEP, once you get the MAC setting you have entered via Ethernet, and now you can use it!

    If your Mac does not automatically selects the station, you simply need to open Airport Admin program and look up your Airport station without lids, but set up your network as a closed network, a so none can be your Airport Station, then it must go, you should have no fear, only the lation to the know the name of your Airport Station, then on to your network, then enter your Airport Station manually.

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    Re: Error : Could not find PPPoE server on Mac OS X

    The problem may be the firewall (firewall) that blocks the connection. If you can not disable the firewall, or if you do not know if you have one installed, you can start in safe mode to rule out a problem with the PC. To do this, when you boot your PC, repeatedly press the key "F8" to go to "advanced boot menu. With the arrows up and down the keyboard, select "Safe Mode with Networking". Now you try to open your web browser. If you open it, it means you actually have a misconfigured firewall that blocks access to the Internet or a malicious program that starts in normal mode.

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    Re: Error : Could not find PPPoE server on Mac OS X

    Yesterday, when I installed an Alice DSL connection. I installed the included software on my iMac. I've followed all the steps connected in the instructions and the modem (Fritz Box SL) via an Ethernet cable. I click "connect" and after a while I will see that there is no PPPoE server can be found. How can I fix this problem?

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    Re: Error : Could not find PPPoE server on Mac OS X

    You can use the FritzBox SL also as a router modem. Close it via Ethernet cable (red) to your computer, go to control panel TCP / IP "and then select DHCP. Now open any browser and type "http:/" one or the IP number in your documentation. A menu will appear. Then "login" and give such particulars. If you have a flat rate, you can point to "choose to stay constantly connected.

    Now the FritzBox takes over the dial by itself, you almost have to do is connect the computer to the Ethernet cable. With an Ethernet switch (eg, with 5 Ethernet ports) you could now easily connect 5 Mac pc's with DSL Provision, without making any settings which need to except as described at "TCP / IP.

    For DSL in Mac OS 9 you still need an additional program that makes the PPPoE and it is unreliable as this variant.

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