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Thread: McAfee detecting FaleAlert-BV but not removing

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    McAfee detecting FaleAlert-BV but not removing

    I am having problems with FaleAlert-BV trojan that has made its way to my computer. I had installed McAfee anti virus to secure my computer from viruses, trojans and other malicious programs. McAfee alerted me about a FaleAlert-BV illegal program. But it was unable to remove, responding stating that some process is using it. Please help.

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    Uninstall McAfee and use AVAST anti virus

    My suggestion is that you will have to uninstall McAfee anti virus and use some secured anti virus. I am using Avast anti virus. So I suggest you to Download AVAST. Install this anti virus. There is a Boot scan feature of this anti virus which is very useful to detect and delete the undetected threats in normal virus scan.

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    System Restore of Windows

    There is a System Restore Utility of Windows that can restore the settings of your computer to point earlier that the recent settings. This will undo all the settings after the selected restore point. I had a virus that infected my HP Compaq laptop and was not getting deleted at all. I then used this System Restore utility to restore my computer settings.

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    Information about FaleAlert-BV Trojan

    There are many rogue anti-viruses which are present on the internet to fool the user and hack their vital information. One such rogue anti virus is set by the FaleAlert-BV Trojan. This malicious program will confuse the user by displaying false alert messages regarding malicious program which actually will not be present on the user's machine.

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    Files created by FaleAlert-BV

    This threat is known to install its exe file- winspywareprotect.exe in the Program Files folder by creating a winspywareprotect folder in it. The presence of this folder symbolizes the presence of FaleAlert-BV trojan. The trojan also registers itself in the Windows registry. This enables it to be executed with each system restart.

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    Enable the Windows Firewall

    The reason that the trojan, virus, worms, spyware or other such related threats attack a machine is that it does not has a firewall to scan the data going out and in to the machine from the network. Check if the Firewall settings of Windows is turned. Following steps will help you to turn the Firewall on:
    1. Go to the Start Menu in the Bottom left of the desktop screen.
    2. Open the Control Panel.
    3. Go to the Network and Internet Connections.
    4. Select the Change Windows Firewall Settings.
    5. Select On to enable the Windows Firewall.
    6. Click OK to apply the settings.

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