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Thread: How do i remove Win32.Worm.Koobface.ALX?

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    How do i remove Win32.Worm.Koobface.ALX?

    Need Help! I have this computer from last 3 years but never faced any problem with the anti virus system. Currently i am using the avast anti virus to detect the viruses from my computer. But i do not know what is happening to avast as it gets disabled everytime. How does it happens and i want to remove Win32.Worm.Koobface.ALX which i have got at the time it was entering but now my spyware does not help me to remove it.

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    Symptoms shown by Win32.Worm.Koobface.ALX.

    Here are the symptom which are shown by your computer when your computer is been infected by Win32.Worm.Koobface.ALX.
    1. Makes a copy of itself inside its folder, appending at its name “.exe” extension.
    2. It will run the copy which has been just created with the parameters “/res >%tEMP%\fio.bat”.
    3. Creates “fio32.dll” in %windir%\system32 folder.
    4. Creates “fio32.sys” in %windir%\system32\drivers.
    5. Malware processes terminates execution.
    6. Disables the Spyware.

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    Install Norton Anti Virus.

    I think your anti virus system has been corrupted by the worm which have entered in your system. Here is the new copy of anti virus system named Norton Internet Security. These tool will help you to remove Win32.Worm.Koobface.ALX without any problems. But you have to scan your computer as soon as you install this software on your computer. Click to download Norton Internet Security.

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    fio.Bat created by Win32.Worm.Koobface.ALX.

    when your computer gets infected by Win32.Worm.Koobface.ALX then it creates one file called as “fio.Bat” in your temp folder. This file would be doing following actions.
    1. Creating the new entry in "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main" and adds up the value "tP” with data "1000”.
    2. Creating the new firewall exception named as “fio32”.
    3. creating the firewall exception for TCP port 8085.
    4. Create and starts a new service named as “fioo32” for the “fio32.dll” file.
    5. Deleting the copy of malware and the bat file will delete itself.

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    Reinstall the anti virus system.

    I would be suggesting you to reinstall the whatever anti virus system you use to delete the worm from your system. As Win32.Worm.Koobface.ALX makes your anti virus system of no use so you would be facing some other problem in future if you do not make your spyware up to date even after removing this virus. It may happen that some virus will enter in to your system as your spyware would be disable.

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