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Thread: Removal methods for Win32/GameVance virus

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    Removal methods for Win32/GameVance virus

    I recently downloaded Internet Explorer 8 after upgrading my system from Windows Vista to Windows 7. I usually work in Internet Explorer. But since I last downloaded the Internet Explorer my system is showing an alert message regarding Win32/GameVance. But this virus keeps coming back when I connect to the internet. I am using McAfee anti virus. Provide some valuable removal methods for Win32/GameVance.

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    Win32/GameVance Adware

    This is a malicious code sent by a gaming website having the URL as It sends this malicious to hijack user information from the user's machine. They display a lot advertisements for games online and provide free online games. But the main intend is to retrieve user's sensitive information. I guess you might have visited this malicious web site which caused the Win32/GameVance Adware to be passed to your machine.

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    Undo Windows Settings

    There is a System Restore Utility of Windows which provides its users to undo Windows settings. In Windows XP it is in System Tools. Search the same in Windows 7. This will restore your Windows settings to a safe restore point so that all the Windows Settings are reset to the restore point. Check if this can sort out the issue for you.

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    Boot Computer in Safe Mode

    It does not seems to be nay infection of Internet Explorer as I am also using the Internet Explorer 8 web browser. Still you may uninstall the Internet Explorer 8 and then connect to the internet with some other web browsers. If the issue is solved it can be that the Internet Explorer had an infection and was not downloaded from a trusted site. If the issue is not resolved use the Safe Mode to scan your computer and remove the virus from your computer.

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    Uninstall GameVance

    It is possible to manually uninstall GameVance from your computer. This can be done from the Windows Control Panel. The gvun.exe is the component to uninstall GameVance from your computer. Thus, go to the the Control Panel and simply remove the GameVance as there is no Start Menu icon to remove it. The GameVance website will then recommend you to reply for removing the GameVance.

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    Setup Windows Firewall

    It is basically an unwanted software which is installed to hack data from the infected host. My Dell Desktop also had this software downloaded unknowingly. It is a free online gaming website which generates this Win32/GameVance adware. Microsoft also has granted a Moderate Level alert as it can be easily removed sing the uninstaller component. The best prevention method is to setup the Windows Firewall to verify the traffic going out and coming in to the host computer.

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