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Thread: Server Migration

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    Server Migration

    I need to migrate an existing windows server 2000 to a new server.

    The new hardware will be a replica of the existing server. It will have all the tools, folders, users, access rights etc.

    Any help in this regard will be useful.


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    Re: Server Migration

    There is a server migration tools is developed by the Microsoft which is helpful for server migration. This will allow to transfer file and folder to the one server to another. This tool is known as the "File Server Migration Toolkit". So download it from the Microsoft and see the working of it. Thanks

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    Re: Server Migration

    You can also use the Third-Party Tools like the FastLane Migrator or the Migration Suite. These tools are designed for Active Directory and Exchange Server migrations. Also NetIQ's suite includes Domain Migration Administrator, Server Consolidator and Exchange Migrator modules. So you can select anyone of these if you are not going with the Microsoft.

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