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Thread: How to remove Trojan.Bakloma.A from my system?

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    How to remove Trojan.Bakloma.A from my system?

    Recently I have got an alert message from antivirus program. Whenever I start my personal computer the antivirus gives me an alert message like “Trojan.Bakloma.A” is found. When I delete this from my personal computer then it shows that the virus is deleted. But the same problem arises when I restart my personal computer. I do not know whether this Trojan.Bakloma.A is harmful for my personal computer or not, because I am not getting any trouble except the alert message given by the antivirus program.

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    Re: How to remove Trojan.Bakloma.A from my system?

    Your antivirus program is giving you an alert message that Trojan.Bakloma.A is found on your personal computer. Well Trojans are not like virus or worms which replicate itself to consume the memory space and slow down the processing speed of your computer. Trojans are designed to steal confidential information from the intended user. So it will be better to remove this Trojans from your computer.

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    Re: Trojan.Bakloma.A steal confidential information

    Trojans like Trojan.Bakloma.A gets installed in your personal computer when user clicks on the link which is contained within a spam email. The damage this Trojan will cause to your personal computer is very less but it can steal confidential information from your personal computer. This confidential can include banking credential. So you can think the damage it can do to you by stealing your confidential information. I will suggest you to get a better antivirus software for removing this Trojan from your personal computer.

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    Re: Technical details related to Trojan.Bakloma.A

    I can give you the technical detail related to this Trojan.Bakloma.A so that you can understand why this Trojan is not removing from your personal computer.

    The trojan has been spammed by email, as being a security update from an antivirus product, and informing about a new virus that is in the wild. The email has the following text
    Attention! Your email Can be blocked.
    What does the virus? It sends messages for all your contacts, containing an infected archive with the virus, thus, when opening the message, another one will be infected, and thus will infect others.
    The sending of mass-messages by InterNet is considered illegal, and for this reason your email can be blocked.
    In order to protect your email from being blocked, please use the removal tool and send this email to all your infected contacts.

    The email contains an executable file of 419Kbytes. Once run, it makes itself a copy in %WINDIR% folder, and creates the following registry entry, so that it will run every time Windows is started up:

    HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\" " = C:\%WINDIR%\Winuser.exe

    After installation, it notifies the author about the new infected machine by sending an email to:

    The trojan is trying to steal Internet banking accounts, by showing the user dialog boxes similar to the online site of the targeted Internet banking company, and requesting the login information to be entered. Once it gathers the account, it will be sent to the attacker.

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    Re: Removal method

    If your antivirus is detecting Trojan in personal computer, then antivirus must be able to delete this Trojan from your computer. I think your antivirus is not upgraded, so upgrade your antivirus software and then scan you personal computer. If that does not solve your problem then download the avast antivirus from internet. Install this antivirus and scan your system and delete all the infected files. I am sure this will definitely solve your problem.

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    Re: Restore your system.

    May be system restore can solve your problem. For restoring your personal computer follow these simple steps.
    1. Go to start > programs >accessories > System tools
    2. Select system restore
    3. After that you will see a window of system restore.
    4. Select the date for system restore.
    5. Restart your system.
    This brings your computer at the position where your personal computer is not infected.

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