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Thread: How to disable wifi on router

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    How to disable wifi on router


    I have a doubt that is it possible to disable with a WIFI of modem-router transmission by the antenna? Suppose that at certain times I just want to use the ethernet ports and do not want this transmitted by the antenna. So how do I disable wifi on router ??

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    Re: How to disable wifi on router

    Some wireless routers have a function to turn off (ie outside) the radio radio. Check your owner's manual for help. That said, if your wireless network is properly secured leave Wireless radio will pose a safety risk at all. My wireless network is encrypted with WPA-PSK (AES) and a 63-character random ASCII key and it allow the disabling of wireless and the best is to change the SSID, disable broadcast, filter the MAC, and enable WPA or WEP.

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    Re: How to disable wifi on router

    If your computer is Wi-Fi adapter cable is connected or inserted into a card slot, you can separate (remove) to secure Wi-Fi radios are disabled. Follow recommended procedures for your operating system to remove the network adapters, such as improper disposal can cause data loss. Some wireless routers external characteristic, detachable antennas. The removal of these affect the ability to use Wi-Fi router, but does not turn off Wi-Fi.

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    Re: How to disable wifi on router

    Adapters in many routers and some more advanced settings of the options for controlling the transmission power of Wi-Fi radios. If your router has no wireless function off, change the transfer (often called Tx)power to 0 can actually turn off Wi-Fi. Administrators most often use this option to adjust your wireless network to reduce interference and improve range.

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