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Thread: How to prevent P2P intrusion?

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    How to prevent P2P intrusion?

    I have IBM desktop at my home, and access the internet daily. But from past few days i have noticed that some of my files/data have been played with. This is my personal desktop so no one else work on my desktop so i am sure no other user of my PC that did it. So I was shock that if it's really possible that someone over the internet got through my files/data. Some my music files have been renamed 1, 2 and so on. I also resorted to partitioning in order to prevent possible hacking, but the geeks seemed to have intruded my desktop still. Please suggest are there any ways to completely prevent them from this intrusion?. I am very afraid, because of this all things. Help me out.
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    Re: How to prevent P2P intrusion?

    On the basis of information you have provided can't tell you exact solution. Give me details like What hardware do you use and especially to access the internet? Do you use a router? and does it have a built-in firewall? If it does, enabling it will help a lot. One thing you can do is disable certain ports which will help stop further attempts of intrusion. You can also install some licensed version of Anti-virus and scan your PC for spyware/trojans/etc will help too.

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    Re: How to prevent P2P intrusion?

    As you told that use of internet is daily and if all of the P2P clients connect to the internet through ICS, then the intrusion came would be from outside. I would advice you to install a firewall. If router is been used, then try to check if it has a firewall feature. And if it has, enable it. Also do install firewalls for all P2P clients. Don't use Microsoft Firewall - it gives you just a protection like a cardboard wall against fire.

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    Re: How to prevent P2P intrusion?

    To prevent the P2P intrusion follow the steps below:
    1] Firewall Monitoring: Solid firewall monitoring system should there in place which monitors all IDS logs. This will include monitoring of the system for the
    presence of unauthorized modifications and unknown files.

    2] Host-Based Firewalls: Use host-based firewalls to supplement the primary network firewall. This type firewalls are included within Windows operating systems

    3] Antivirus Programs: Always make sure the antivirus program you are use is of reputable company and also has anti-spyware and anti-adware program. It
    should also be capable of updating and performing network scans on a regular basis.

    4] Egress Filtering: Enable Egress filtering, so that it provide restriction on ports that are not being used for business purposes. This will not allow unauthorized
    person to access to the network through these ports.
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    Re: How to prevent P2P intrusion?

    Personally i would suggest getting one router if you want internet security. The router is the best defense against most intrusions into your system. Even the best software base on firewalls are only as strong as the OS is it running on.The best reasons why to use a router with a built-in firewall is that it is transparent to the user and your computer will not slow down. Software(i.e anti-virus) based firewalls will use up some system resources and it can be disable by a Trojan or virus program designed to bypass such applications.

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    Re: How to prevent P2P intrusion?

    Firstly, remove any of the anti-virus you are using right now. Now, install the Symantec Endpoint Protection, this software very potential to stop/prevent the P2P intrusion. Once you have install Symantec Endpoint Protection, there some changes to be done. They are:
    1]Blocking P2P Applications using Intrusion Prevention System

    2]Blocking P2P Applications using Application Control of Application and
    Device Control

    3]Blocking P2P Traffic using Symantec Endpoint Protection Firewall.
    This method worked, hope by installing the Symantec Endpoint Protection, you will be able to fix the problem.

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