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Thread: Cannot delete Win32.Zombie.Mistfall

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    Cannot delete Win32.Zombie.Mistfall

    I am having Avira antivirus installed in my system with Windows Vista Home Premium operating system. Recently I got an alert from Avira that there is an infection of Win32.Zombie.Mistfall in the system. I cannot delete Win32.Zombie.Mistfall from the antivirus interface. I do not know the place where it has affected or else I could have manually deleted it from the system. But, I cant understand why the antivirus is not allowing me to delete Win32.Zombie.Mistfall. I need suitable suggestions to this problem, kindly help.
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    Win32.Zombie.Mistfall is a very destructive virus

    Win32.Zombie.Mistfall is a very destructive virus, which basically does the task of spreading and replicating into different folders. If the virus is kept persisting in the system for a long time, it will cause a payload that can be very destructive. If your system in connected in the network then, it may also spread from one system to another. It may have also taken control over the antivirus because of which it cannot delete Win32.Zombie.Mistfall. You will have to format your system to eradicate Win32.Zombie.Mistfall from the system.
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    Win32.Zombie.Mistfall makes many of the programs un-workable

    Win32.Zombie.Mistfall is a type of Win32 virus that has a high alert, that means that it is very dangerous. It generally spreads through the system by mostly infecting the SYSTEM 32 folder. Thus, Win32.Zombie.Mistfall makes many of the programs un-workable, which means that you will have error alerts many times while working in the system. Everytime the infected file runs, the virus too gets executed. This is the replication technique of this virus. If you cannot delete Win32.Zombie.Mistfall, I suggest scan the entire system along with hard drives as well as flash drives in safe mode.

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    Win32.Zombie.Mistfall manipulate the registry settings

    The infections like Win32.Zombie.Mistfall always manipulate the registry settings and also add new malicious settings into it and they become the reason for the frequent execution of the virus and thus, their replication becomes easy. Hence, they could be spread entirely in the system. So, to get rid of Win32.Zombie.Mistfall manually is basically impossible. If it would be possible too, it will irritate you removing them from each and every files and folders in which they may be embedded.

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    Manual eradication of Win32.Zombie.Mistfall is very difficult

    Manual eradication of Win32.Zombie.Mistfall is very difficult. You should enable a boot scan in your system. Any type of infections can be eradicated by this method. Actually, boot scan is a scan that is enabled even before the virus can execute because it is enabled before the operating system loads. So, as the virus will not be active at such a time it is easy to delete it from the system. This method can be used to remove any types of infections from the system. Antivirus like AVAST provide this feature of boot scan as soon as you install it. I have been successful to remove many infections using this method, hopefully it would solve your problem too.

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    Re: Cannot delete Win32.Zombie.Mistfall

    Win32.Zombie.Mistfall acts as a malware when it enters the system. It is responsible for all the malicious activities going within the system. So, normal antiviruses do not posses the ability of tracking them down. Removal method of Win32.Zombie.Mistfall and other such malwares are the use of SPYWARES. They remain in the background and check for the malicious activities going on within the system. It uses this technique to eradicate all types of infections. "Spyware Doctor" is a good example of such spywares. I use the same in my system to avoid such infections into my system.

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