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Thread: Backdoor.Win32.Agent.andi redirecting search in Opera

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    Backdoor.Win32.Agent.andi redirecting search in Opera

    I am using Opera web browser. I had no issues up till now with Opera, but recently I noticed that all my searches in my web browser are getting redirected to some unknown web sites. I am using ASK toolbar for searching. When I scanned my computer using my Kaspersky anti virus it detected Backdoor.Win32.Agent.andi. I was successful in deleting this malicious program, but my web searches are still l getting redirected and on scanning with Kaspersky there is no trojan or virus detected.

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    Use Google Toolbar in Opera

    This can be due to the Ask toolbar. It can be that when you downloaded the Ask toolbar it got downloaded along with some malwares or probably downloaded it from a malicious site. So hence all your searches are getting redirected. Use Google Toolbar as it is more accurate and precise than Ask Toolbar for searching web contents.

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    Scan in Safe Mode with Kaspersky

    I guess you need to scan your computer in Safe mode to delete the Trojan completely. In case your Kaspersky is unable to track down the Trojan in normal booting mode then I guess the Safe mode is an alternative to track the Trojan. To boot your computer in Safe mode you would need to keep tapping the F8 key when you restart your computer. Also as a precaution you may unplug the LAN cable so that the Trojan does not gets any help from the internet to hide itself.

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    Mozilla Firefox or Safari Web browser

    It seems to me that the issue can be with your web browser. The trojan might have infected your web browser and made some modification to it. IT might have altered it to redirect your search in Opera. Therefore even after deleting the trojan all your web searches are getting redirected. Download some other more secured web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Safari. Uninstall the current Opera web browser.

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    The Backdoor.Win32.Agent.andi is a malicious Trojan which is installed by some other malicious programs. It intends to modify the infected user's web search. Thus redirecting the user to malicious websites. It is often found in many popular web browsers such as: Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and even Opera. It even starts displaying many pop-up advertisements.

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    Restore you Computer

    I would recommend you to restore you computer's settings. I had an issue somewhat similar in Internet Explorer, where I used to get an unknown site web page displayed on starting Internet Explorer. And my anti virus was unable to detect any virus. I then resorted to System Restore Utility to restore utility to restore my computer to a safer restore point. This worked for me, hope it also works for you as well.

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    Re: Backdoor.Win32.Agent.andi redirecting search in Opera

    restoring your system wont work i have had this nasty virus and nothing i used got rid of it kept redirecting all the time to nasty sites the only way to get rid is use a program called combofix that will sort ot ouy

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