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Thread: My dell mini 10 laptop infected with Generic.dx!htp trojan.

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    My dell mini 10 laptop infected with Generic.dx!htp trojan.

    Hi I am having dell Mini 10 laptop with windows Xp home premium. And I have installed Kaspersky anti virus 9 with updated database. Always it tells me that virus in a file C:\\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WINLOGON.EXE detected as a Generic.dx!htp. It prompts for deleting and I click on OK but after some time it again appears a same prompt. I try continually to delete but it comes back again. Can any one help me to remove this Trojan virus from my computer.

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    Re: My dell mini 10 laptop infected with Generic.dx!htp trojan.

    Download and install HJTInstall.exe
    Run HJTInstall.exe by double clicking on it.
    It will automatically install in your C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis.
    Now click on install
    HijackThis icon appears on the desktop
    Now run that HijackThis icon by double click on it.
    Click on the system scan and a logfile button.
    It will starts scanning your computer and opens log file in a notepad.
    Select all contents from the notepad and copy that whole log.
    Paste that contents in this thread.
    I will try to fix your problem.

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    Syptoms of Generic.dx!htp trojan.

    It has the following symptoms on your computer.
    *Trojan Generic.dx tremendously slows down your computer process speed. It takes long time to Start up, shut down. slows internet connection.
    *There are different icons on the desktop can be appeared which redirect your browser to unwanted sites.
    *Unwanted pop ups are starts to appearing with out any internet connection. And gathering your important information.
    *It takes full control over your mail box, by which it automatically sends email to other people with virus attachments file.

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    Remove from your computer Generic.dx!htp trojan.

    Delete this folders, Generic.DX it dedoes not create any folders.

    Delete this files

    Delete this cookies

    Delete this registry keys.

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    Scan your dell mini 10 laptop with anti virus.

    There are some chance to come back again even if it is Quarantined, it means you some another type spyware or virus on your system. the Generic.dx!htp trojan create a back in system restore. First you have to disable the System restore, Then install and update Avira anti virus for free & Superantispyware free. So let them scan your computer one by one and remove that what ever they found suspicious data. Now again enable the system restore.

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