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Thread: Windows 7 can not change network from public to work.

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    Windows 7 can not change network from public to work.

    Help me guys, I have bought a new computer. Windows 7 operating System has been installed on it. Actually i have got the new connection but i am facing some problems while changing my network from public to the work network. Can anybody help me with connecting my computer to the work network ?

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    Set up connection to your workplace using VPN.

    By using the Virtual Private Network, you can switch from your public network to the Work network. But for doing this you should be knowing the VPN server name. Go to the Start Menu and open Control Panel. Type Network in the search bar and click on the Network and Sharing Center and select for Set up a connection and then click on the "Connect to a workplace".

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    Is your work network safe?

    Make sure that following things are there in your work network when you connect to your home network. This will ensure that your home network is safe to connect. If you are using the wireless network then your wireless connection should be encrypted with Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) or Wi‑Fi Protected Access (WPA). For all types of networks, firewall or any other Network Address Translation (NAT) is needed.

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    Status of your Network.

    You can see that your computer is connected to the home network or work network any other network. And what type of connection you are using and what level of access you have on a particular network can also be confirmed by going to "Network and Sharing Center" which you can find in Network and Internet presented in control panel. Even you can view more information about your network in the network map.

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    View devices and computers on your network.

    You can view all the computers that are connected to your network. By which you can control the boundaries of your network and even that will help to keep watch on your network. This will be useful to when you want to use a network resources. You will find this by clicking on the Network from the Start button.

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    Make your Network More Secure.

    If you are using home or small office network, Then you must follow some steps to enhance the security of your computer and your network. First of all keep your computer up to date which means that enabling the automatic update on each computer of network. Run Anti Virus Scan on each computer at the first start up everyday. Use Firewall to stop malicious data entering to your network or any other harmful activities happening to your network.

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