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Thread: Detected DarkRay.1525 in Windows Vista

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    Detected DarkRay.1525 in Windows Vista

    I am using Kaspersky antivirus and it has detected DarkRay.1525 in Windows Vista, which is the operating system that I am using. I am having a hard time trying to delete it. Isnt kaspersky capable of deleting such infections?I cannot find its path and hence, cannot do the manual deletion of the infection too. Anybody with knowledge about this infection, kindly help me with any suitable remedies.

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    Re: Detected DarkRay.1525 in Windows Vista

    If your antivirus has detected DarkRay.1525 in Windows Vista, then simply do as follows to eradicate it:
    You need to kill some processes that are given below:
    1. darkray.exe
    2. darkmillennium.exe
    3. adder.exe
    4. 1bf4530c341510dec229ee6ef943ca16.exe

    Also delete the files given below:
    1. win95.sanat.3151
    2. na
    3. darkray.exe
    4. darkmillennium.exe
    5. adder.exe
    6. 1bf4530c341510dec229ee6ef943ca16.exe

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    Re: Detected DarkRay.1525 in Windows Vista

    If the infection detected is DarkRay.1525 in Windows Vista, then beware that it is a trojan. They are responsible for attackers to break into the system. They generally enter via programs downloaded from chats, unknown emails and so on. It creates such an environment in the infected system that the attacker can gain access to the system using any password that he inserts. They generally download malicious contents from the web which makes your system vulnerable.

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    Re: Detected DarkRay.1525 in Windows Vista

    DarkRay.1525 detected in Windows Vista is actually a malware. It is made with a goal of stealing personal and confidential data from your system. It is basically made for all Windows operating systems. It may have entered your system through any email and it will also spread to all the contacts that you have on your email. I suggest you to format your system before you yourself become the cause of the distribution of such malwares.

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    Re: Detected DarkRay.1525 in Windows Vista

    To remove this DarkRay.1525 from Windows Vista, I suggest you to use the boot scan method of removing infections. Almost all infections can be removed with the help of boot scan, as it is enabled even before Windows startup, which means that the virus is not able to execute and hence, it will not be active. Infections can be best removed when they are not active. Antivirus like Quick Heal provide this facility of boot scan.

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    Re: Detected DarkRay.1525 in Windows Vista

    The infection detected in Windows Vista, that is DarkRay.1525 has a very high security alert and is very dangerous. It is responsible for all the malicious activities going on within the system. So, to track these activities, you need to have a spyware like SPYWARE DOCTOR installed on your system. This is one method. Another method is to start your system in safe mode and run a full system scan of all the hard drives and flash drives. Both these methods allow the successful removal of DarkRay.1525.

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