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Thread: What are the measures to protect my online passwords?

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    What are the measures to protect my online passwords?

    I am using lots to software and have to answers to email with different email id's. It is very difficult for me to remember all the password of all the sites and software I am using. Sometime I felt like losing control over these software and site. This is a big security issue for me. Can anybody help with this problem of handling lots of passwords?

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    Re: Use software applications like "Password Safe"

    According to me to solve this password related issues you must use software application named "Password Safe" or the this is version of KeePass Software, undoubtedly this is good place to start. After you create random, unguessable password then generate different password in the manager. This can be used an answer to the inevitable "Your favorite pets name or your mothers middle name or something else". I am sure that this will definitely going to help you.

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    Re: Master password for Firefox.

    Using "Password Safe" is good. But it will be better if you use measures which are already given with your applications. The most common application which is given with every Firefox browser is to use Master Password. Master Password is something like having a master key for all the passwords you are having on your personal computer or on Firefox. If you don't know how to use Master Password so follow this simple step. Go to Firefox > Preferences and check master password's checkbox and provide a master password. The next time you start your Firefox application it will ask you for master password.

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    Re: Stay away from the threat of Trojan's

    "Password Safe” and "Master Password" is a good option but what if you are logging on your site using computer in a cyber cafe. I will suggest you following measures to stay away from threats. First reboot your computer, it is advisable that you carry a copy of Knoppix bootable operating system on a CD or a flash memory drive then you can customize the system according to your requirement. I am suggesting this because computer in the cyber cafe or in hotel may have Trojan’s which can steal your website passwords, definitely this will not be good for you.

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    Re: Portable antivirus software.

    Suggestions from Milton.J is useful if you are using Mac or Knoppix operating system, but what if you are using Windows operating system. If this is the case then it will be better to use tools available from This contains dozens of application that are portabilized. Hence they can store all the temporary files, or they can cache files, and create history on the portable device itself. I will also suggest that you scan the machine with the portable antivirus software.

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    Re: Password Manager is the best solution for handling all the passwords.

    Password theft is achieved by a hack called password cracking. Password cracking is done using a copy of the system file that stores account passwords, which is presumable stored in encrypted form. This is a simple description about how the password is hacked. We can use Master password but what if we are not using Firefox, if we are using internet explorer. So anybody who is having access to your computer can easily steal your password. I will suggest that you must disable the password saving functionality, and remove all the passwords you have previously saved. I will also suggest that you use password manager for protecting all your passwords. That is the best solution for handling lots of passwords

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