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Thread: Missing Ethernet and SM BUS controller drivers

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    Missing Ethernet and SM BUS controller drivers

    Hi,I have recently purchased a Dell desktop computer.I have encountered a problem in that.In the device manager tab it shows Question mark against the Ethernet Controller and SM bus controller.I tried to update the drivers but it shows an error message There are no drivers for both the controllers.
    What can i do to solve this problem....?

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    Re: Missing Ethernet and SM BUS controller drivers

    The problem you are facing is due to missing Ethernet and SM BUS controller drivers.If you know the motherboard model number you can directly find the supporting drivers for the Ethernet and SM Bus controller for your motherboard.There are many sites which provide free software support.If the problem remains even after updating drivers then get your hardware checked.
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    Re: Missing Ethernet and SM BUS controller drivers

    First remove the previously installed drivers from your PC.Then install the drivers from the CD which is provided with the motherboard.After the installation is complete update the drivers.This should solve your problem.If you dont have the software CD you can ask your dealer to provide it to you.
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    Re: Missing Ethernet and SM BUS controller drivers

    I also was facing the same problems with my dell PC.I tried and installed the drivers many times but it did not work. Finally got my whole pc replaced by the dealer.So try installing the software and if the problem persist then contact the dealer to get the hardware replaced.

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