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Thread: Network issues while playing Multiplayer Game!!

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    Network issues while playing Multiplayer Game!!

    I've been playing Counter-Strike Source on a wireless connection. Till yesterday I was able to play it smoothly. From then I started getting kicked off the Server. I also checked that none program was using the Internet. I've got all the computers in sharing mode to one Internet Connection through a Linksys Router. I think this is happening because of low ping. Should I do some hard wiring to my system.? Give me some suggestions.!!
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    Re: Network issues while playing Multiplayer Game!!

    Wifi is really good if you are browsing or surfing the Internet. There is nothing to worry about the wires. But when it comes to GAMES, always go for the Hard Wire. That too using the CAT-5 Ethernet wire will result the best. The speed also depends on your Broadband connection, whether it is DSL or Cable. Using hard wire will definitely give you better pings and there will be no lags while playing the game.

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    Re: Network issues while playing Multiplayer Game!!

    Before removing the wireless and going for some hard wire, I would recommend you to do some needful steps as described.
    First check whether you are having same strength of wifi networks in your area. You can do this by activating wifi API and search for the new existing networks. If there is some another having same strength, then you may be contending for bandwidth on a specific channel. I know that every operating system doesn't support this. Try downloading NetworkStumbler to show the access point and their relative strengths. So you can use wifi which will let you to play better than before.
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    Re: Network issues while playing Multiplayer Game!!

    I will suggest you to go for hard wiring because WiFi can be problematical, even at high signal strength it will give the speed less than 54Mb. Whereas wired connection will increase that speed to 100Mb. Also there are chances of getting another issues while using the wifi. Also there is comparatively less speed of wifi while uploading or downloading from the Internet. Hard wire will solve all these your issues. Its upto you what to choose but according to me go for hard wired connection.

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