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Thread: How to disable "Network password" in Windows 7

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    How to disable "Network password" in Windows 7

    I have bought a computer with Windows 7 and I put it in the same workgroup as the other computers of my family. Every time i log on into fileserver (windows server 2003) i have to enter my user and password. I check "remember my password" but after restarting pc it has to ask me again. Anybody know how to disable "Network password" in Windows 7? Does any body knows about it? Kindly provide me the correct solution for the above issue. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to disable "Network password" in Windows 7

    For that you need to gO to the Network and Sharing Center of your machine. Its in the control panel or click on the network connection icon. There you need to change your Primary Network Logon (under Control Panel, Network cpl) to Windows Logon. You will see an button for "Password Protected Sharing" by default it is ON. Click the button on the right and turn it OFF. Then no passwords or accounts on the machine will be needed.

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    Re: How to disable "Network password" in Windows 7

    In the future if you right click on the wireless icon in your taskbar by the clock and then you need to go to Open Network and Sharing Center and then need to click on Manage Wireless Networks on the left. Go to Start –> Run –> compmgmt.msc. From the left hand pane, select Local Users And Groups –> Users. In the right hand pane, right click Guest and go to properties. Check “Account is disabled” option.

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    Re: How to disable "Network password" in Windows 7

    You will have a security tab that shows the security details of the network including the password. Click the box to show characters and there you go. Have you tried reconnecting your network on Windows 7 PC to a "new connection/network" or "connect to a network" as some times I have found that this works, and as you realize you should not have to do anything to the PCs that were previously connected to the workgroup, assuming they were working OK before.

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    Re: How to disable "Network password" in Windows 7

    To resolve (rather workaround) the problem try the command line option as follows:
    net use z: “\\server\path\to\share” /persistent:no /user:<username> <password>”
    Where for Z: is the drive to which it is mapped to. You can also use TweakUi to configure the name and password for you everytime you log on. That would be on the logon tab of TweakUi. It could also be that the other clients systems "password protected sharing" is turned on which will restrict you from accessing them. to do this, follow option one but this time turn off "password protected sharing". This feature enable and disable the username and password.

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