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Thread: Rc1 error message when the Windows 7 boots

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    Rc1 error message when the Windows 7 boots

    Hello. I have a problem with my Windows 7 operating system from quite a few days now. I have had installed ultimate tweaker. But now I have removed it from my system. But when I uninstalled it the system gives a error message as RC1 whenever I boot. Why is this happening. This should not have happened as I have removed the tool. Please help.

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    Re: Rc1 error message when the Windows 7 boots

    There can be a possibility that the software that you are using might have left out with some of the files that is still not deleted. You need to make that things first to completely remove. This can be done by going to Start menu> control panel> add remove programs. This will then enable you to remove the content well from the system and would not let any any issue or error.

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    Re: Rc1 error message when the Windows 7 boots

    A system restore process should make the things proper for you. This can be done by following the steps given below.

    1) Go to start menu and click on all programs.
    2) Go to accessories option.
    3) Click on the system tools option.
    4) Go to system restore.
    5) You will get the date options in it.
    6) Mention the date when the computer was working fine.
    7) It will then restore your system back to the date when it was working without any issue.

    This help you to make your system work well and without any error.

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    Re: Rc1 error message when the Windows 7 boots

    You can use system file checker in order to make the things possible in your ways.

    1) Go to start menu option
    2) Click on run command button
    3) Open it as administrator.
    4) After this type the command sfc /scannow.

    It will scan the drive and check out the necessary failure in the system and make it work correct.

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    Re: Rc1 error message when the Windows 7 boots

    There is another way through which you can make the operating system to work properly by removing the error that you are facing. You need to have the utility disc of Windows 7 to do it.

    1) Insert the Windows 7 utility disc when the system is on.
    2) It will automatically detect the disc and ask for installation.
    3) Click on Install now option.
    4) It will then ask you what task has to be performed. Install or Upgrade.
    5) Click on Upgrade.
    6) It will replace the corrupted file with the new one.

    This should make the things to function in proper manner.

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