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Thread: Bitlocker password cracker

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    Bitlocker password cracker

    Hi. I use windows 7 as my operating system on my desktop machine. The thing is many of my files have been encrypted using bitlocker and I do not know the password. Is there any way through which I can get access to the tool so that I can decrypt them. I mean any sort of a password cracker. This is a serious issue. Please help me out.

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    Re: Bitlocker password cracker

    The Bitlocker drive encryption is purely done with the help of password through which you need to enter the password to decrypt it. There are tools through which you can crack the password for bitlocker. Tools loke Active Directory Domain users and Computer Management Console (MMC). These tools help to view or crack the password in order to get the things done that is decrypting. It should be installed to the remote machine and then get access to the local machine.

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    Re: Bitlocker password cracker

    You can get the thing done by using XP as the backup. As you know that windows Xp sets as the backup for the windows 7. If you want to get the tool to crack password for bitlocker you could get a lot of tool for windows xp for the same. You just need to search the keyword as Bitlocker password tool for windows XP. You will get a lot of tools for the same.

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    Re: Bitlocker password cracker

    There is also a tool called as Bitlocker active directory recovery password. You can get the tool from Microsoft's official site. Now this tool requires validation in order make the pack of your windows genuine. This is to validate and get to know the cpmpatibilty of the operating system also it needs to update with the help of genuinty. Hopefully this should work for you.

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