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Thread: Recovery of data with bitlocker in windows 7

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    Recovery of data with bitlocker in windows 7

    Hello. I am facing a problem that is related to the recovery of my data from the disk drive. Few days back my friend formatted my drive using bitlocker that is the data was quite encrypted so that no one could access to the folders and files. But as the drive is now been formatted I am not able to get the data back. Is there any possibility or a software tool through which I can get it back or by using Bitlocker. I use Windows 7.

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    Re: Recovery of data with bitlocker in windows 7

    The problme that you are currently facing that you need to recover the data back to your drive is basically a hard disk issue. This needs to be observed and keep under consideration with other security tool. Operating system is basically not the issue related to the recovery of lost data. A third party might help in making the things possible for you. Important documents and pictures needs to be saved in different system.

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    Re: Recovery of data with bitlocker in windows 7

    A software tool named as Recovermyfiles may help you in finding the solution for the same. This software basically is good enough to recover any form of data or files that has been accidentally deleted or formatted from the system. You can get the software tool from its official site This is a freeware and can be used to optimum level in order to get the use of utility.

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    Re: Recovery of data with bitlocker in windows 7

    The encryption by bitlocker is basically a tool that is in Windows 7 to encrypt the data and files. But the thing is decryption can be done by using the same by allowing the password to be initialized. The application tool may help you out in doing the same. This is by using Getdataback software. Almost 90% of the data is recovered from the same. This would be of great help. Check out.

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