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Thread: Description on virus Hoax

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    Description on virus Hoax

    What is Hoax. Is it a virus. Does it spread through mails by message. Does it spreed in your computer and delete the files automatically. I want some description about this topic. If some one knows the details information on this topic you can give me some reply so that I can now about virus hoax.

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    Re: Description on virus Hoax

    The threats often try to touch the sensibilities of the recipient with negative information in order to push forward the mail to those nearby. Topics are often virus alerts, missing children, the promise of happiness, petition, etc. This mails contains list of ads and other junk information which not worth needed.

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    Re: Description on virus Hoax

    Generally, the recipient does not verify the information and forwards the mail without asking questions, this results in, Congestion mail servers and mailboxes, Misinformation, that is to say, to admit to many false concepts or convey false rumor, the loss of time and productivity for anyone reading the information, Loss of credibility for the person sending the false information or the person affected by the hoax, desensitization of users, etc.

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    Re: Description on virus Hoax

    Virus Compromise the security of the machine, some hoax to grow vitaus delete some files that are supposedly virus. Just before sending the mail automatically to your friends, you ask if the information is valid, sometimes just a simple reflection in doubt, you can check the information discussed. Check the information via a search engine, you can, for example, type the subject of mail to Google to see if it is a hoax.

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