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Thread: Can not connect to Google or Yahoo search

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    Can not connect to Google or Yahoo search

    Please help! I am currently using the Internet Explorer 7. I am using the Lycos search engine and I am quite unsatisfied. But as soon as i tried for google search or yahoo search then i got an error saying that time up. I do not know why this is happening because bing and lycos are working properly.

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    Re: Can not connect to Google or Yahoo search

    Do not worry, As there would be a minor problem with your connection. You can contact to your internet service provider to resolve your issue. Sometimes it happens that some settings has to be done from the server side and accordingly to your computer also.

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    Re: Can not connect to Google or Yahoo search

    There may have problem with some of your system files. Some viruses can harm your system files which are important to support your system. All you can do is scan your computer, if you find any kind of virus in your program files then delete it first. Reboot your computer and try it again.

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    Re: Can not connect to Google or Yahoo search

    It is possible if your computer has been infected by viruses. There could be a problem with your anti virus program. Check that your anti virus is of latest version and it is updated. Or else you can do is uninstall your anti virus and install the some other anti virus system. May be Avast anti virus will detect exact virus present in your computer. So i suggest you to download Avast anti virus.

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