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Thread: Desktop infected by Sino-PWS/Gen

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    Desktop infected by Sino-PWS/Gen

    Hello, I am using the assembled desktop which has 40gb hard drive, 1 Gb ram, Intel Pentium 4, 2.5 Ghz. From last 4 to 5 days my computer has threatened by some virus. My anti virus shows that Sino-PWS/Gen has been detected. I tried many times to delete that thing from my computer but still my anti virus can find it.

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    Re: Desktop infected by Sino-PWS/Gen

    Your computer may not be having the latest version of anti virus you are using. Try to reinstall your anti virus. While installing it again make sure that you are choosing all the options provided by the anti virus. Then reboot your computer as to apply all the settings for your anti virus, Then scan and Delete it.

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    Re: Desktop infected by Sino-PWS/Gen

    Make sure that you are not visiting the same website again and again from where this virus has been inserted into your computer. By this you will be having the same virus all the time in your computer. Scan your computer and if you find that virus, then block that website from the given options in your anti virus.

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    Re: Desktop infected by Sino-PWS/Gen

    Probably you can use safe mode to make your computer work properly. Reboot your computer then while restarting your computer press F8 to go to the safe mode. Use your arrow keys to select options on that black screen. Once you are done with safe mode you can again reboot you computer to the normal mode.

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