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Thread: Solution for W32/ZMist.A or zombie

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    Solution for W32/ZMist.A or zombie

    My computer has been affected by W32/ZMist.A, that is also called a zombie. I found it as a security alert that had been popped up by AVG antivirus that I am using in my computer. When I try to remove it as a "power user", still it is not being eradicated. I have to keep ignoring and the alert keeps on coming everytime I open any drive/folder. Kindly suggest any solution for this W32/ZMist.A or zombie....My operating system is Windows XP SP3 and browser is Internet Explorer 7.0.
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    Re: Solution for W32/ZMist.A or zombie

    I would like to refer W32/ZMist.A as one of the most viruses that are complex and are binary. It creates a point for entry and obscures that the virus is metamorphic. W32/ZMist.A makes a random use of a polymorphic decryption additionally. We cannot easily find these viruses in the files that are infected. As it can do such a disguise, the zombie is called the perfect anti-heuristics virus. Due to all these complications, the only solution for W32/ZMist.A is formatting the current OS and installing a fresh copy of OS.

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    Re: Solution for W32/ZMist.A or zombie

    This W32/ZMist.A is created by a virus-writer in Russia who calls himself as "zombie", hence the the virus is also called as a zombie. It has an action of infecting directly, that is it modifies the host file and itself, gets placed in various lines of the file or code. It means that, basically it embeds into the file. It is a stable type of virus and avoids crashing or misinfecting files. I suggest you the Solution for W32/ZMistto as to boot scan with any antivirus like AVAST, since AVG does not provide the feature of boot scanning.

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    Re: Solution for W32/ZMist.A or zombie

    As you are saying that on every drive/folder open you get a security alert. It means that the virus has affected all through the system and it seems that the virus executes as soon as windows starts up. The solution for such W32/ZMist.A "zombie" viruses is to start windows in safe mode and do an entire system scanning witha well-updated antivires. This will hopefully eradicate the problem.

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