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Thread: What is Trojan, Worm and Virus.

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    What is Trojan, Worm and Virus.

    I was using Dell laptop in my home. Till last sunday it was working well. After that I had connected Internet and worked on it for a long time. I checked the mails and download a lot. From the next day my laptop was working very slow. My friend told me that it may be due to Trojan, Worm or Virus. I am confused they all are virus. What is the difference, if you know about this you can reply.

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    Re: What is Trojan, Worm and Virus.

    About Trojan : It is a application which involves usually in the programs or a games designed by a programmers and it is used to download from the internet. It can take control over the user and also your system. It can also spoil or damage your operating system.

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    Re: What is Trojan, Worm and Virus.

    Now about Worm : It is a malicious codes which can spread itself . In the network connection it can automatically distribute itself from one system to other system. It can create a harmful action. It can consume local system resources or network. without the notice of the user it can effect and spread in your system. some may ask for the codes for spreading.

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    Re: What is Trojan, Worm and Virus.

    The last about Virus : It is a apparent attempt and it can reproduce by itself . It make a crowd in a programs in order to distribute in all the system. It is added it self. It can crush your systems data, software and hardware. It can also deliver more loading. When the host program is running it execute and also compromise the other new crowd programs.

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