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Thread: Problem with FTP upload

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    Problem with FTP upload

    Hey folks,

    I am having problem during the upload process of a File Transfer Protocol. I am using PHP for the development of a web page and want to split a file when i am uploading a FTP file using the same.

    i just wanted to know "Is there any tools available for the splitting of the file so that i can use that tool to spit my file during the ftp upload process"

    Please help me its urgent,

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Problem with FTP upload

    For the splitting of a file first you have to install "XAMPP" on your system. Windows Operating system already provided with facility to troubleshoot this problem with the tutorial. It will help you out for the installing the XAMPP.

    The tutorial will take you to the process of splitting the file. PHP File splitting script is already reside in the split folder directory. This tutorial will ask you about the FTP file size that you wanted to upload to the FTP server. The should be in the "KB" otherwise it will be rejected.

    After your split file script process is over by submission of the form, then the file is split into the parts depending on the size

    Now you can upload the file to the server.

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    Re: Problem with FTP upload


    You can not upload a file of any size, the host companies already set a limitation of file for uploading. If the file size is more then the limit then this file can not be uploaded on the FTP server. The size which are recognize by the most the company for the uploading is 500 KB. By splitting the file you can resolve the issue of the file size on the FTP server.


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    Re: Problem with FTP upload

    Hi there,

    Thank you for posting this post i was looking for the splitting of file . Some of the tools are also available for splitting file on the FTP server. Some file which are over limiting can not be uploaded on the server like "geo IP DAT" file which is of size 1.1MB

    See you again.

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