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Thread: Infected with Win32/Hakaglan.B worm

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    Infected with Win32/Hakaglan.B worm

    I use Windows Vista Home edition and my browser is Opera 10. Recently, I did some downloads and my laptop got infected with Win32/Hakaglan.B worm. I scanned my laptop with Kaspersky antivirus, but all in vein. Please recommend any solution or any good antivirus which can remove this virus....
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    Re: Infected with Win32/Hakaglan.B worm

    The hakaglan is a worm that creates duplicate copies of every file within itself. A worm makes the computer slow. Even my computer and phone were infected with this worm. Avira was of no use to me, but Avast 4.8 home edition helped me to brethe a sigh of relief. It boot scans the system and removes the infection. A0104660.dll Win32: Spyware-gen(Trojan), A0107906.exe Win32:Hakaglan(Worm), rvhost.exe Win32:Hakaglan(Worm),
    RVHOST.exe Win32:Hakaglan(Worm), trz1.tmp Win32:Hakaglan(Worm) are the files that i got on boot scanning.
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    Re: Infected with Win32/Hakaglan.B worm

    Hello there, even my computer got infected with Win32. It changes the registry settings, there is very less security and someone else can be controlling this worm. %SYSDIR%\RVHOST.exe, %WINDIR%\RVHOST.exe, %drive%\New Folder.exe are the places where it copies itself and it creates %WINDIR%\tasks\At1.job. This file runs this malicious program at specific times. The only solution I suppose is to format your system and install a fresh copy of operating system.

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    Re: Infected with Win32/Hakaglan.B worm

    This is a type of worm that infects the system by sharing movies, files,etc. It spreads through different types of chating applications like Gtalk, yahoo messenger etc. Once it enter into the system it corrupt the registry files and also download different malwares into the system. It is like a thief which steals all important data. Avoid sharing movies and files on the web to avoid such threats....

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