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Thread: c:\windows\ujbright_antivirus.vbs not found.

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    c:\windows\ujbright_antivirus.vbs not found.

    I had installed AVG software last week and when ever I start the PC, the computer is not able to find the files "C:\Windows\UjBright_Antivirus.vbs" and the damaged files of the "C:\Windows\UjBright_Antivirus.vbs" is appeared when ever i restart my computer. Please tell me about pop and to remove it what should I do.when ever I scan my pen drive the damage files comes randomly.

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    Re: c:\windows\ujbright_antivirus.vbs not found.

    The ujbright_antivirus.vbs comes due to virus, it was written by oxymoron from COTABATO CITY. Who was practicing for "kiddie-computer-wizard" . This can be removed manually.restart your computer to safemode,goto c:\windows then rename wscriptures.exe and then delete the entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\autome".exit and then restart your PC.

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    Re: c:\windows\ujbright_antivirus.vbs not found.

    The usb flash drive is used by you it may be damage by ujBright, you can use TURBONAV to see the files and you can see the files. You have to format the pendrive as it may have virus then start your computer in a safe mode. It will allow you to remove UJBright_anitvirus.vbs file from C:\windows\. Open to registry editor and move to HKey\Local_machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run then you can remove the dword value automatically.

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    Re: c:\windows\ujbright_antivirus.vbs not found.

    Anoying pop-up can be removed by this way.Click Start | Run > Type in MSCONFIG an click on OK.Then go to startup tab and see the executed form and then click on apply and restart the computer then the issue may solved.
    You can use avast! Home Edition.It is very simple to use ,It continuously protect your data automatily . Avast is made simply easy so that it can be use in a wider section.Pentium class Processor it has 64MB RAM and a hard disk space of 100MB.

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