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Thread: Unable to open multiple windows in IE7

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    Unable to open multiple windows in IE7

    I am using Dell Inspiron 545 PC. I worked on IE7. When I used that I could not open multiple windows. So that I have to worked on one site at a time. If I can open multiple sites at a time then time requires to complete my work is less. I thought that there is problem due to virus so that I installed avast anti virus. But it didn't help me to correct the problem. I don't want to change my browser so give some suggestions.

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    Re: Unable to open multiple windows in IE7

    I am using Lenova laptop and access the internet using reliance wireless connection. Some days before I am facing the problem so I downloaded the new version of IE from internet and installed in it. The problem arises due to some files which is required to run IE were corrupted or deleted. So my suggestion would be uninstall a old copy of IE and install new one. You can also repairs it using add and remove program present in control panel.

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    Re: Unable to open multiple windows in IE7

    I worked on assembled PC which have 2.06 GHz processor and 512 ram.I am using internet explorer 7 and I have solution for you. Open IE and click on tool menu and select internet option. Select advanced tab, in setting box navigate to browsing section. Uncheck the check box having name "Reuse windows for launching shortcuts. Click on OK button to finish it. This trick will work.

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    Re: Unable to open multiple windows in IE7

    I am using HP desktop PC and Windows XP installed in it. I was facing the same problem but I restored the default settings. If your problem is due to some setting then go to internet option and select restore defaults. It will restore your internet setting. If your problem is not solved then scan your PC with updated anti virus, clean your PC from malwares or spy wares.

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