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Thread: Where is mkraid on Debian Lenny

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    Where is mkraid on Debian Lenny

    I wanted to install a couple of IDE drives in RAID1 on a fresh Debian 5 but all the tutorials that I find online talks about
    1) mdadm, ok package found installed
    2) mkraid, raidtools2

    And in Debian, raidtools2 is totally unknown to it. I have a free distribution
    and nothing added. No mkraid raidtools2!

    So I was not lucky with google to find any solution about Debian.

    Do you know how to connect two disks in RAID1 under Debian Lenny?

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    Re: Where is mkraid on Debian Lenny

    I think mdadm can do everything. I have tested it once and works well (a look at /proc/mdstat to see if it's ok!).

    In seeking raidtools or mkraid, we see the Linux 2.2 which appears below.

    From the mdadm, we find that mdadm is well capable of creating a "virtual device" from "real block devices". That seems to include whole disks (/dev/sda, ...).

    It falls well: I just bought 2 hard drive to secure a small personal server.

    However, if you only have 2 identical drives in the machine, it does not seem advisable to what is, however, natural raid 1 on 2 discs!

    Indeed, how to boot partition mirror while the nucleus has not instructed the party operating the mirror?

    So the logic is to create a boot partition not mirror (which will be duplicated manually on a regular basis) and complete partitions which will mirror and result in the device placed an LVM (volume group).

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    Re: Where is mkraid on Debian Lenny

    I have a boot partition. I would not start from the mirror, I promise. The whole disc is good. But as there is also the swap, it is the least anyway. As long as there is, of mirror

    Primary partition: ok
    logical partition: ok
    extended partition:? (Clear the hda2 contains hda5, 6,7 ,....) it does or not?

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    Re: Where is mkraid on Debian Lenny

    For a PC designed to make virtualization (with Proxmox condensed of OpenVZ and Xen), I chose the following method:

    2 discs (identical) sda and sdb:
    - Sda1 (200M) ext3 / boot
    - Sda2 (the rest) Extension
    - Sda5 (rest) raid
    - Sdb1 (200M) ext3 / boot-copy
    - Sdb2 (rest) Extension
    - Sdb5 (rest) raid

    I created a raid 1 with sda5 + sdb5. Then I created a volume with LVM volume group and logical volumes for / and swap.

    I planned to create each VM as a logical volume that is mounted (with OpenVZ virtualization) is just created (virtualization with Xen).

    (I know: do the swap mirror does not have much interest!)

    From time to time I copy / boot / boot-copy and I did 2 grub-install for each disc is quite capable of booting.

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    Re: Where is mkraid on Debian Lenny

    I have / boot and / each in a RAID1 volume. It does not interfere. However I did not verified that.

    But disappointed on this point. I had the disks on the same IDE cable. So HDA and HDB

    I spent each of them in primary, on her tablecloth. It became HDA and HDC

    RAID1 farted. Forced to reintroduce 'the new disc'.

    I thought that might contain mdadm.conf
    ARRAY /dev/md0 devices=uuid_dune_partition,uuid_delautre

    instead of their physical names (devices = / dev/hda1, / dev/hdb1)
    devices =
    The value is a comma separated list of device names or device name patterns. Only devices with names which match one entry in the list will be used to assemble the array. Note that the devices listed there must also be listed on a DEVICE line.

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