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Thread: Does Apache Works when the system is turned off?

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    Does Apache Works when the system is turned off?

    Does my computer need to stay on as well to access files remotely? Actually, I read in a book which states that Apache can be use as a home web server it is an always-on connection. It works fine when on, but I cannot access the server once I turn it off. So can anyone give me any suggestions?Urgently needed.

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    Re: Does Apache Works when the system is turned off?

    Always remember that Apache runs as a program on your computer, so it is not going to be running unless your computer is running.

    You might have devices like an always-on connection or router or modem, but the work of these devices is to connect your computer to the outside world. The Performance (action) of Apache, is not on these devices, but it depends on your computer. It's the same with the files you're trying to access.

    So always TURN IT ON, AND KEEP IT ON if you ever want it to work as a server.
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    Re: Does Apache Works when the system is turned off?

    You have asked that whether Apache works when the system is turned off?So here is my answer,apache does not work if your computer is turned off. For eg: For data sharing you need to put on both of the devices, sender's device and receiver's device,you cannot send or receive data if any of the device is turned off. So in the same manner your computer needs to send and receive data to and from
    your visitor's computer. So this requires it to be on.

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