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Thread: Iptables block ip address

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    Iptables block ip address

    What are the command to block block ip address from Iptables. What I need to do is, to block access from some ip addresses in my network. Is there any command from router to block ip address. Do i need to configure router in access list mode to block ip address. Any recommendations and suggestions are appreciated.

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    Re: Iptables block ip address

    You can specify IP ranges and networks with iptables to block ip address. For example:
    # iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP
    It would block all IP addresses from to (a Class C subnet). You can find what IP block an IP is contained within by using the WHOIS lookup at ARIN.

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    Re: Iptables block ip address

    IP addresses can be blocked by administrators in the same way as registered users are. IP blocks can be more powerful and effective, but also have additional ramifications. Block IP Address will allow you to prevent security audit from scanning your IP address.
    iptables -I INPUT -s -j DROP
    This command will simply drop any packet coming from the address

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    Re: Iptables block ip address

    Administrators can block ranges of IP addresses, if you would like to prevent an individual or a group of individuals on a certain IP range from accessing your site, you can selectively deny access to them. iptables block ip when you use the following command
     <Limit GET HEAD POST>
        order allow,deny
        deny from
        deny from 19.133.153
        deny from 25.2
        allow from all

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    Re: Iptables block ip address

    1. Introduction

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