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Thread: Airport Error 6753

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    Airport Error 6753


    I recently bought Airport Express , I am trying to configure the Airport Extreme base station using the AirPort Utility, I cannot get the internet to work. The computer recognizes the signal and connects to my network, but the current Internet does not work. I installed AirPort Utility and tried to see what was wrong, but when the press is still, I get error message"An error occurred while trying to access the Apple wireless device. Make sure your network connection is valid and try again error -6753 " What exactly does this error message mean?

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    Re: Airport Error 6753

    I was getting the same error 6753 before, what I did was :

    1) Open Network Connections-> Local Area Connection-> Properties-> Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) Properties
    2) Note the current configuration
    3) Change the IP address of (doesn't matter how long the first 3 numbers match with the airport, and the fourth is different). I left my subnet mask and the gateway at
    4) "OK" is selected, the Internet connection must be temporarily out of the airport administration, but it must be able to connect.
    5) While changing the configuration, make sure that the airport will have a reachable IP address either via DHCP or manual configuration that is a subnet.
    6) Save the changes at the airport
    7) Go to the Properties of TCP / IP on your PC and restore the original configuration

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    Re: Airport Error 6753

    The problem can be solved by the addition of Microsoft TCP / IP version 6 protocol in the network device or change the IP address in order to allow the airport operator to connect. By changing the settings, airports should always have access to a detected IP address either via DHCP or manual setting of the subnet.

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    Re: Airport Error 6753

    I have something better, in which the computer creates only use the Ethernet port. Add all the other things - Wireless USB - later. Furthermore, the usefulness of Bonjour, which can be downloaded from the Apple support site is very helpful in creating the printer. If you want to see what the IP address of the airport is in fact you can go to Start, Run, type CMD (see a DOS window), type "ipconfig" (without quotes) and see an IP address for "gateway default. That is the direction of the airport, when you have to use the "other". Similarly, the "ipconfig / all" (without quotation marks) will give the IP addresses of all devices connected to the airport.

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