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Thread: what is End-to-end encryption

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    what is End-to-end encryption

    I am working for government department. I have to travel so much coz of work purpose. that time i carry my laptop.Now i have to carry some confidential data in my laptop. I have security application but i think they are not enough to secured my data. so one of my friend suggest me the End-to-end encryption. i dont know about this,is it safe to apply ? Is it secured my data? Any suggestion??

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    Re: what is End-to-end encryption

    Data that is encrypted is actually useless to the party that gets this part if he not have the encryption key (s) and how it is decrypt.So this is best way to secure data dat.Sensitive circulating a network are securely encrypted from the point of data entry at the point where the data is processed called End-to-end encryption .Sensitive data may be the user name, password, number of credit card, etc. The network may be the Internet, wireless WAN and LAN room. Data is normally entered via the browser or client application and the data will need to reach the server application to be processed or stored in the database.

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    Re: what is End-to-end encryption

    The most scalable encryption, tokenization, data masking and the main platform for managing the protection of your business data.In most cases, only a small amount of data must be secured during transmission. The program is able to take only the data and encrypt them. In this situation is different HTTPS where everything, including images and HTML pages are encrypted. The result is much less CPU processing and thus a faster response and better use experience. or security, better yet, the public and private key can be changed if necessary - even each browser session, if desired. But the key generation operation is a very greedy. So, once a day is feasible.

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    Re: what is End-to-end encryption

    Sensitive data that travels over a network are securely encrypted from the point of data entry to the point where the data is processed End-to-end encryption.Operating system and application vendors have not made it easy and seamless to implement encryption, including a lack of support inheritance laws systems.Applicable / guidelines often conflict or does not effectively and consistently guidance.Before you can start to encrypt data, you must identify precisely where all PCI and other factors critical data elements are stored. This process should be preceded by having correctly identified a set of formalized classification of data and retention requirements.

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