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Thread: How to delete W9UXX92.EXE

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    How to delete W9UXX92.EXE

    Hi friends,

    I am facing some issue with my computer from after when i try to find out the cause i came to know that my computer is infected with w9uxx92.exe virus. When i am trying to delete it somewhat it gets deleted but after some time it comes back again and for more information i have install avast as my anti virus. Can anyone tell me how to overcome from this issue ?

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    How to delete W9UXX92.EXE

    Yes W9UXX92.EXE is a virus which is being seen to infect systems and resists interrogation by security products and the process is packed and/or encrypted using a software packing process. More over it creates c:\docume~1\user\locals~1\temp\72ad_appcompat.txt, opens/modifes c:\autoexec.bat in such kind of case it is recommend to use some good anti virus software.

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    Remove W9UXX92.EXE

    If you really want to remove W9UXX92.EXE from your computer then i would suggest you to Removal Utility for W9uxx92.exe which will check full scan your system and remove any malicious application including W9UXX92.EXE as soon as possible and try to run this in software safe mode, after running this even if you are not able to remove W9UXX92.EXE from your system then you have to finally format and install a fresh copy of Operating system.

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