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Thread: Process DAODx.exe

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    Process DAODx.exe

    I recently installed WinXP on my new PC, I just installed some program that I used usually on the old PC.

    Now the problem is that I get a job that I had never noticed: DAODx.exe. i can see in task manager it is located in C: \ WINDOWS \ DAODx.exe

    I scan computer with several antivirus and anti-malware but they all say that it is clean.
    any one knows about it ?

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    Re: Process DAODx.exe

    i dont understand your problem did you observed any suspicious or strange activity on your xp this DAODx.exe is not virus this may be any process that your installed application may required .which application you have installed ?

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    Re: Process DAODx.exe

    I have installed firefox 3.0.13, Download Express 1.9, avira, the XP SP3, DirectX 9.0c, adobe flash player, adobe shockwave player, java, CCleaner, unlocker, IZArc, 7zip, Defraggler, Revo Uninstaller, cpu-z, gpu-z (no installer), Foxit PDF reader. mostly all downloaded from the links of the official websites.

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    Re: Process DAODx.exe

    The Process DAODx.exe is not virus .There is no any suspicious activity exist as still no one detect it as harmful since the details shows that it is process of some driver that required for mostly motherboard mainly it is required for asus motherboard.

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